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Yorgos Dimitriadis

Gonggong 225088

Photos: HP © Jazz em Agosto / Petra Cvelbar, and YD © Γιάννης Σούλης

Han-earl Park (guitar)

Yorgos Dimitriadis (percussion, electronics)

Rogue genetic messages spread chaotically with fleet-footed speed, creative mutations echo down improvised networks of touch and breath.

Born in lockdown, Gonggong 225088 came together in March 2020, constructing their noisy chaos as terms such as ‘Ar Nought’ entered the global vernacular, and ‘flatten the curve’ became matra. The serenely noisy and unpredictably artful Gonggong 225088 is guitarist, improviser and constructor Han-earl Park and percussionist, composer and improviser Yorgos Dimitriadis.